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Kovrov Polarised Wrap Sunglasses
Kovrov Polarised Wrap Sunglasses

Kovrov Polarised Wrap Sunglasses

Passport Eyewear

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👓 Practically Weightless, Wrap around styling 😎 Tough resistant frames 🔩

👏 Comes with a 12 Month Guarantee 👏

Kovrov Polarised Wrap Sunglasses are now available in 2 colours of wicked looking frames. Matte black for the uber subtle look, or the gloss black with the statement orange lens.

Grab yourself a pair Kovrov Polarised Wrap Sunglasses by Passport Eyewear and protect your eyes and your cool image from the environment around you. Yours are a just a purchase away!

Comes with a complimentary pouch!

Shop for sunglasses online from the comfort and safety of your own home!


Use both hands to take your glasses off to help maintain their original shape.

Keep your lenses clean with specially formulated lens cleaning spray.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses. Regular cloths can scratch your lenses!

Keep your glasses out of the heat. Don't leave your glasses in the sun or leave them on the dash of your car. It can damage the lens coating and warp the frame.

Keep your glasses in a case when they aren't on your face. This ensures you won't get scratches on your lenses from placing them face-down on hard surfaces.


We take pride in our stellar products and service. Our eyewear is made to last and we're ready to guarantee that. All Passport Eyewear frames come with a 12-month guarantee against faulty workmanship. If your new reading glasses or sunglasses break from a manufacturing fault within 12 months of your purchase, we'll replace them with a new pair! Just don't go throwing them in a reactor or into an industrial thresher. That's a different kind of fault. Please review our Shipping Policy or Refund policy for more information.


Product Code: P12175 P12174
Frame Style: Wrap Rectangle
Wrap Rectangle
Frame Colour: Matte Black
Gloss Black
Frame Detail:

Lens Colour: Smoke + Mirror Orange Revo




Lens Protection: Cat 3 Polarized Lens Cat 3 Polarized Lens
🕶Filter Category 3: General purpose sunglasses. High protection against sun glare. Good UV protection. Polarized Lens Filter. Not suitable for driving in twilight or at night. Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles are: - Not for direct observation of the sun. Not for protection against artificial light sources, e.g. solaria. Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards.🕶

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