Reading Glasses Regulation


These glasses are for near-vision and reading use only. They are not for distance vision.

These glasses are not for regular use without the approval of an eyecare professional.

These glasses are not suitable—
for use whilst driving or operating a vehicle; or for use as eye protection.

The lenses in these glasses are not prescription lenses. They are not intended as a substitute for glasses specifically prescribed for you.

Poor vision may be the result of a disease of the eye and a regular examination by an optometrist is recommended to ensure that any eye disease is detected early.



Passport Eyewear is unable to sell +3.50 dioptre strength reading glasses to residents of South Australia.

Under Health Practitioner National Law (South Australia) Act 2010 & Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (South Australia) Regulations 2018, A retail outlet can only sell "ready-reader" type glasses if:

  • The glasses are designed only to alleviate the effects of presbyopia (inability to read close-up);
  • The glasses comprise 2 lenses of the same power, being a power of +1 dioptre or more but not exceeding +3 dioptres; and
  • The glasses are manufactured to the prescribed standard; and
  • A prescribed warning is attached to every pair of glasses (not just the stand or display) in a way that it will not detach from the glasses in the ordinary course of inspecting and selecting the glasses.